Imagine your ceilings with Barrisol.

A ceiling system that offers a palette of colours … a choice of texture … and the freedom to stretch with your imagination for an added dimension in design potential.

Uniquely Unlimited – BARRISOL® Stretch Ceilings expand with your imagination to take advantage of a room’s dimensions. Colour, texture and reflection enhance any decor. The system consists of custom-cut, flexible materials held in place by a wall mounted rail. Installation is clean, quick and quiet in new construction or renovation projects. The BARRISOL® system makes it easy to cover structural elements or old ceilings, yet it allows for accessibility, when needed. Leave it to your imagination! Change, replace or redesign. This innovative ceiling system is as flexible as you are.

Standard ceiling systems typically go unnoticed because they simply close a space and hide structural elements. But why cover and close when you can go a step further to create and captivate?

BARRISOL® gives you a choice of colours, a variety of textures, plus the ability to create new ceiling profiles. BARRISOL® Stretch ceilings can also be inclined or vaulted making the BARRISOL® system an actual design tool that can visually open up any space or create a new ambiance with colour, reflection and form.

Current Applications Include

Barrisol Ceiling - Florida Marlins Diamond Club
  • Public Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Private Residences
  • Fitness Centers
  • Schools
  • Conference Rooms
  • Theaters
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants and Clubs
  • Laboratories
  • Villas
  • Banks
  • Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Offices
  • Department Stores
  • Beauty Salons
  • Shops